Company Overview: BP is one of the UK’s largest companies and operates in more than 70 countries worldwide. We provide fuel and power for heat, light and transportation. We are working hard to help meet the world’s need for more energy while lowering carbon emissions.

BP has been a leading operator in the UK since the mid-1960s when North Sea oil and gas exploration and production began.

Our activity set in the North Sea spans the entire industry life-cycle, from access and exploration, through resource appraise, drilling, commissioning, production and decommissioning.

To date, we have invested more than £40 billion in the North Sea and produced over five billion barrels of oil and gas.

The North Sea is a growth region for BP with ambitions to double daily production by 2020 and an exciting set of future investment and renewal opportunities.

In recent years, we have been delivering a strategy to focus our portfolio, maximise value from our producing assets and invest for the future.

Through this, we have delivered two major projects west of Shetland; Quad 204 and Clair Ridge which, combined, are targeting more than one billion barrels of resources.


BP is interested to meet with delegates to discuss the following topics:

1. Engineering & Construction Svs – Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) – Small Brownfield Projects and Modifications, Pipeline System Repairs (Onshore Facilities, Platforms & Pipelines)

2. Platform Services – Fabric Maintenance including Scaffolding, Insulation and Painting

3. Well Services – strategy refresh – reducing the cost per well. BP is interested to understand how the supply chain can help BP reduce the cost per well

4. Topside Bolted Joint Leak Integrity – Turnaround (TAR) Management Services, Provision of Topsides Bolted Joint & Leak Integrity

5. Offshore Productivity of work execution – wrench time. BP’s Efficiency of offshore execution (not only the number of POB, crew composition) is of paramount importance.  This can be impacted by multiple different factors including; limitation of what can be done, capability, process, tools, etc.  What can supply chain offer relevant to North Sea to increase the Offshore Productivity (POB, crew composition, technology and amount of work that gets executed)

6. Well intervention capability at short notice – considering the fluidity / uncertainty of the schedule – BP is looking to execute more frequent and more complex well interventions (on platforms, rigs and vessels), and to do this we need to be able to balance a successful outcome with efficient execution within a variable plan and limited access to the well site. We are interested in what the supply chain can offer to help support best in class well intervention performance.

7. Enabling technology for proactive solutions – BP is interested in understanding the opportunities in the remote inspection category and specifically the opportunities that exists using drones and crawlers.