Nexen is keen to listen to value adding propositions which deliver improved efficiency and effectiveness in the following areas:

1. Fabric Maintenance – Adopt proven techniques for corroded bolting (inspection, condition assessment and degradation arrest), holding coats, one coat painting systems (inhibition and protection), minimum preparation coating systems.

2. Integrity – Subsea Inspection Technology focusing on Automated Vehicle technology to carry out parallel inspection during ROVSV subsea inspection activity (Jackets/Risers/Pipelines/Manifolds/Trees/Umbilical’s). Inline Inspection and improvements to intelligent pigging of pipelines and non-intrusive vessel inspection techniques to mitigate TAR’s.

3. Obsolescence – Innovative solutions for maintaining obsolete equipment through harness common supplier to approach upgrades/obsolescence/Spares capacity across a number of operators.

4. Maximising Economic Recovery – Proposals which address low cost methods to downrate equipment for reduced production flows; Alternate chemicals or strategies to manage high H2S wells; Maintenance rationalisation methodologies; Sealing solutions to safety isolate areas of process plant.

5. Wireless / 4G Technologies – Explore opportunities through utilising wireless / 4G technologies to monitor instrumentation or other equipment for data collection on ageing equipment and Predictive Analytics – use of big data to reduce maintenance tasks offshore.