Subsea 7

Company Overview: Subsea 7  are a world-leading contractor in seabed-to-surface engineering, construction and services to the offshore energy industry.

Working in all water depths across the energy lifecycle, engineering expertise, alliances and specialist technologies enable them to engage early so that their teams can design and deliver the solutions that clients want.

Subsea 7 have a strong track record of safe and reliable delivery. Their reputation as a collaborative service provider in long-lasting client relationships makes Subsea 7 one of the most trusted contractors in the market which includes oil and gas and renewable energy.


Subsea 7 are interested to meet with delegates who would like to discuss the following:

1. Materials – Surface coatings, corrosion prevention and smart materials with nanoparticles or chemical signatures embedded to enable corrosion detection’s.

2. Energy – Anything to do with local subsea power generation either from renewables or produced gas/fluids.

3. Seafastening – Standardised or re-usable non-welded seafastening solutions.

4. Energy Storage – If anyone has a novel idea about high-density power storage using anything other than battery technology.

5. Inspection and non-intrusive testing – Being able to inspect contents and detect blockages within flowlines.

6. Fabrication Techniques – Anything that might help replace forged components, 3D printing, alternative forming methods.

7. Insulation – Subsea 7 are looking for a step change in wet insulation performance.